Jose Caban


jose caban

Like every normal young man in America, José Caban Jr. went to college and studied opera. For his first few years at West Liberty State College in W.V. he analyzed the likes of Beethoven and Mozart earning himself a small scholarship for singing.  José quickly realized a musical genre over 200 years old might not be very practical so instead he switched his major into an interdisciplinary study and ultimately graduated with a B.S. in Music, Business and Communications in 2002.

Starting at the Editech Corperation, a small studio in Miami Florida, José assisted with lighting, cameras, set design, editing, writing, producing and anything else required of him. All of his free time was spent teaching himself via books, projects and the internet, all the software, techniques and practical application he could get his hands on.


In 2003 he left that small studio and started his own company, Lightface Media. A computer was the payment for Lightface Media’s first video project. José perfected his skills, contacts, equipment and business savvy over the next 5 years.

In 2008, he began sharing a series of mid sized studios with other like minded professionals while maintaining his relationship with Editech as a free lance producer.  Through this period José immersed himself in directing, cameras, lighting and storytelling.


“It was during this visual rebirth that I became a true video “artist”, reconnecting with that opera singer I had let go of all those years ago” he says.


In 2010 it was back to business. Jose secured a working relationship and ultimately an office building with a local advertising agency where he served as a sort of in house media department for them in addition to serving his own clientele.  During that period Jose specialized in infomercials and commercial spots for local Miami broadcast thru 2015.

For the past year Jose has completely re-invented himself and shifted his time and focus to marketing, analytics and strategy.  He is currently serving as outside marketing consultant for several clients along with his traditional role as CEO of Lightface Media.