Bob Sanders


Published author, Robert Sanders headshotvideo producer and editor, theatrical producer, professional actor, and longtime blogger Bob Sanders has been working with Lightface Media for well over a decade. And it’s not enough to say that Bob has been a frequent associate and benefitting collaborator with Lightface Media’s resident genius Jose Caban. It has been an ongoing rich learning experience with each new project undertaken.


Collaborating with Jose, Bob has written numerous scripts for multiple Miami infomercials and commercial spots. On his own, Bob has published special interest news articles on subjects as varied as New York City nightlife in the 1970s, an examination of the Logo network’s ideological downfall, and an analysis of the best LED home lighting. As video producer, from 2010 to 2014, Bob presented am ongoing video series of the effects of HIV on nearly 100 people, coast to coast.

As a theater producer, Bob helmed the Midwestern production of Tammy Ryan’s award winning play, Soldier’s Heart, as well as productions of Breaking the Shakespeare Code and Mr. Benny. In the Chicago area Bob has appeared in productions of Fiddler on the Roof and The Wizard of Oz, and will appear this fall in Funny Girl.